Card Tips:Abyss Soldier

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  • The effects of "Abyss Soldier" and "Cranium Fish" combine well with "Aqua Spirit", allowing you to summon it quickly while making an opening to attack.
  • Monsters whose controllers have been changed still return to their owner's hands when bounced by the effect of "Abyss Soldier". Combined with "Creature Swap" and another of your own monsters such as "Aqua Spirit" or "Penguin Soldier", this returning effect can create a quick, deadly combo.
  • "Salvage" can be used to recycle monsters for "Abyss Soldier"'s effect.
  • "Abyss Soldier's" effect is useful for stacking your grave with "T.A.D.P.O.L.E.".
  • Discard "Friller Rabca" to activate "Abyss Soldier's" effect and prepare for an attack against this monster on your opponent's turn.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • You can easily summon 3 copies of this card (with 2 copies in your graveyard) by using the effect of "Premature Burial". Activate "Premature Burial", Special Summon another "Abyss Soldier" and then use the effect of "Abyss Soldier" to return "Premature Burial" to your hand. (Note: "Premature Burial" does not destroy the monster it summoned if it leaves the field. "Premature Burial" only destroys the monster if "Premature Burial" is destroyed.)