Card Tips:Acid Trap Hole

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  • You can chain this card to effects like that of "Nobleman of Crossout". Though your monster may be destroyed by "Acid Trap Hole" (if it has less than 2000 DEF), any Flip Effect it has will activate. Thus, it works well with cards like "Morphing Jar".
    • If you are somehow able to boost a Flip Monster's DEF to over 2000, this can be used to activate a Flip effect and immediately flip it back down.
  • Use this with "Future Visions" to stop your opponent's Sets as well as Normal Summons.
  • This card has good synergy when combined with "Black Garden".
  • Use this card while "Necrovalley" is on the field and "Gravekeeper's Spy" is face down. Gravekeeper's flip effect activates netting you a new Gravekeeper, and because of its boosted defense it's not destroyed and flipped face down to be used again.
  • Force your opponent's monsters with low DEF into face-down Defense Position via card effects like "Book of Moon" or "Book of Eclipse", then use this card's effect to destroy them.