Card Tips:Alien Hypno

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  • Keep in mind; this cards effect is not limited to per turn. You can activate its effect as many times as possible, permitted you have enough counters.
  • You can send this card to the Graveyard with "Featherizer" or "Future Fusion" (by selecting "Superalloy Beast Raptinus" in the latter case). You can then revive it with "Alien Ammonite" for a Synchro Summon, or with any Normal Monster revival card (such as "Swing of Memories") to gain its effects that same turn.
    • Alternatively, you can bring it back with "Alien Ammonite", then equip it with Supervise before Synchro Summoning "Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar". When it leaves the field, "Supervise" will go to the Graveyard and activate its effect, allowing you to revive this card or "Alien Shocktrooper" for free.
      • If your opponent has a level 2 monster on the field with an A-Counter on it, you can first use this card's effect to take control of it, then use the 3 of them to instead bring out Black Rose Dragon, then chain its effect to Supervise's to destroy the field and give you back a free monster you can attack directly with.
  • This card combos well with "Alien Overlord" and "Mysterious Triangle". You can Special Summon "Alien Overlord" and use its effect to place A-Counters on your opponent's face-up monster(s). You can then activate "Mysterious Triangle" to destroy target opponent's monster, Special Summon this card from your deck, and gain its effects by Normal Summoning it. With Overlord having generated so many A-Counters, you can, in effect, take control of any and all face-up monsters your opponent controls, with this card's effect. This particular combo can even create an OTK situation in conjunction with "Crop Circles".
  • This card forms a game changing combo with "Alien Dog". First, Gemini Summon "Alien Hypno"; then, special summon "Alien Dog" from your hand to place two a-counters (total) on monsters on your opponent's side of the field. Now you can either go for a possible game-ending attack by stealing two of your opponent's monsters, or place both counters on one monster, and keep it on your side of the field for two turns.