Card Tips:Armoroid

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  • Because this banishes the cards, you don't need to worry about any cards normally used to protect spells and traps.
  • If you control only 1 Vehicroid monster you can use "Star Blast" to lower the level of this card by 2 (you will lose 1000 Life Points) and use its effect.
    • Use "Cost Down" as a substitute for "Star Blast".

Traditional Format[edit]

  • You can summon this card quickly and easily using "Ambulanceroid" and "Expressroid"; play "Future Fusion" (choosing "Chimeratech Overdragon") and send two copies of this card to the Graveyard, as well as "Expressroid". Then, Normal Summon "Ambulanceroid", activate "Monster Reincarnation" on "Expressroid". and Special Summon it through the effect of "Ambulanceroid". This will trigger the effect of "Expressroid", and the monsters you choose can be Special Summoned by "Ambulanceroid". Choose the two "Armoroid" to Special Summon them, leaving you with a full field of Machine monsters to use "Limiter Removal" on. However, you won't get to use the effect of "Armoroid" and if you haven't won in two turns, "Chimeratech Overdragon" will be Summoned by "Future Fusion" and everything on your side of the field will be destroyed.