Card Tips:Atlantean Attack Squad

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  • Normal Summon "Hammer Shark" and use its effect to Summon out this Card. Both are now Level 3 and ready for an Xyz Summon, or, attack with a 1700 ATK "Hammerhead" and 2200 ATK beater.
  • Normal Summon "Atlantean Marksman" and inflict damage with it. Then, Special Summon this card from the deck with his effect. Since "Marksman" is already face-up, "Atlantean Attack Squad" will be at 2200 ATK already, after which you may overlay into "Number 17: Leviathan Dragon", destroying an opponent's face-down card with "Marksman's" effect that triggers when detached. If you have Normal Summoned "Deep Sea Diva" that turn, you can also Synchro Summon a level 8 monster such as "Scrap Dragon" or "Stardust Dragon".

Traditional Format[edit]