Card Tips:Avenging Knight Parshath

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  • Synchro this card by special summoning "Cyber Dragon", and then Normal Summoning a level 3 Tuner.
  • A way to summon this card is by summoning either "Pahunder" or "Mahunder" then using their effect to normal summon "Vylon Prism". This can also give "Avenging Knight Parshath" an extra 1000 ATK in battle though "Vylon Prism"s effect.
  • Use this card with "Ojama Trio" to put your opponent in a difficult situation. Use this card to switch the "Ojama Tokens" into attack mode to inflict at least 2900 damage; 2600 battle damage and 300 damage because the "Ojama Token" got destroyed.
  • This card's battle position manipulating effect only works on face-up monsters. If your opponent has face-down monsters, activate "Ceasefire" to flip them face-up and inflict at least 500 effect damage and expose that monster to this card's effect. Alternately, use "Swords of Revealing Light" and keep the opponent from attacking.
  • Use "Micro Ray" to reduce the opposing monster's defense, then use "Parshath's" effect to switch it to defense and it's piercing effect to deal 2600 to your opponent.