Card Tips:Bad Reaction to Simochi

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  • If your opponent uses "Guardian Angel Joan", this card will be a major asset to you, and may even win you the duel.
  • If you are using the effect of "Helpoemer" and your opponent is trying to outline it with "Blessings of the Nile", use "Bad Reaction to Simochi" to make your opponent lose one card per turn and moreover take 1000 damage.
    • You can also combo this with "Coffin Seller", so if your opponent's discarded card is a monster, he/she will lost 1300 LP at once.
    • You can also combo with "Skull Invitation", but in this case, you will take 300 damage too; but with this card, your opponent will certainly take 1300 per turn.
  • The card "Kuribon" works well because it can be used again and again and protect your life points.
  • If your opponent uses "Solemn Wishes", this card will make your opponent lose life points, each time they draw a card.
  • This card is incredibly useful in an Anti-Cure deck.
    • Use this card, followed by "Gift Card" which allows you to damage your opponent by 3000, multiple copies will win you the duel.
    • Use this card, followed by "The Paths of Destiny", which might increase your own life points, but will sure decrease your opponent.
    • Use this card, followed by two "Griggle" cards and two "Creature Swap" cards to gain 6000 Life Points as your opponent loses 3000.
    • Use this card followed by "Soul Taker" to destroy one of your opponent's monsters and they lose 1000 Life Points.
    • Use this card in conjunction with "Rain of Mercy" to inflict 1000 damage to your opponent, while you gain 1000 Life Points.
    • Use this card followed by "Upstart Goblin" to draw a card and inflict 1000 damage to your opponent.
    • This card is a good way to counter "The Winged Dragon of Ra" if your opponent uses a healing deck to increase their Life Points before summoning "The Winged Dragon of Ra", their Life Points will be low, so "The Winged Dragon of Ra" will be too weak to be useful.