Card Tips:Balance of Judgment

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  • This card is a good Side Deck option against Decks that commonly commit many cards to the field, such as "Fire Fist" and "Noble Knight".
  • Chain this to any card effect that requires a heavy loss in card advantage to activate, such as "Guarded Treasure or "Final Destiny". This card will resolve first and allow for a large draw before anything else can happen to the card count.
  • Use this card in Decks that use Fusion or Ritual Summons that don't generate advantage from their Spell Cards or the monsters used for the Summons.
  • This card is useful for recovering after a field-clearing effect has resolved, such as that of "Black Rose Dragon".
  • Combo this card with "Rope of Life" when you have a scarce field as your opponent has a roomful of monsters. This card will drastically compensate the onus of losing your entire hand.
    • A nice monster to ressurect with this strategy would be "Blade Knight", as it'd bear a 2800 strafe for you to retaliate your opponent with.
  • This card can be very useful against Pendulum Monster Decks, as they are capable of re-filling the field with monsters that count towards this card's activation condition.
  • This card works well with decks that utilize Black Garden. You can fill your opponent's field with somewhat unusable tokens while converting all of your monsters into Xyz or Synchro Monsters (reducing the total number of cards in your hand/field). Paleozoic Frogs works wonderfully with this combination, as Swap Frog can set up the play almost solo. It is not unusual to draw between 3 and 6 cards this way.