Card Tips:Beacon of White

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  • Discard 3 "Blue-Eyes" monsters from your hand to Special Summon "Montage Dragon" with 7200 ATK, then activate this card to revive one of them from your Graveyard.
  • If the equipped monster is removed from the field before this card is, it will not be banished and will avoid this card's drawback.
  • Use "Imperial Iron Wall" so the summoned monster will not be banished, or leave the field, if "Beacon of White" leaves the field.
  • As long as the target was properly special summoned first, monsters like "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon" and "Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon" can be special summoned by this card. Even though this card has a couple of its own drawbacks, any negative effects of monsters such as these two examples would not be an issue (including their respective self-destruct effects).