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  • This card combines well with "Super Conductor Tyranno". By tributing this card over and over (you can only tribute "Black Ptera" once per turn without any additional card effects), you can win the Duel.
  • This card can be a used as for tribute fodder for "Yubel".
  • This card is an excellent target for "Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi" giving you essentially a 1 for 1 and fattening your opponent's deck.
  • Using this card as a tribute for "Jurrac Tyrannus" you could keep "Black Ptera" and have "Jurrac Tyrannus" gain 500 attack points over and over again.
  • This card works very well with "Scrubbed Raid" since you can keep "Black Ptera" from being destroyed by battle and reuse it every turn so you could pretty much keep you opponent from attacking at all.

Traditional Format[edit]

Combos using Ultimate Offering[edit]

  • You can create an OTK combo with "Black Ptera", "Cannon Soldier", "Ultimate Offering" and "Mysterious Puppeteer". First, begin by setting "Ultimate Offering" and "Black Ptera". Given that your opponent doesn't attack or use any form of monster removal, during your next turn, flip "Black Ptera" and summon "Mysterious Puppeteer". Then use "Ultimate Offering" to summon "Cannon Soldier", or simply play "Mass Driver". Then, activate "Cannon Soldier"/"Mass Driver's" effect and tribute "Black Ptera". As "Black Ptera" returns to your hand by its effect, activate Ultimate Offering" and pay 500 LP to summon "Black Ptera"."Mysterious Puppeteer" will promptly restore the LP you paid. Tribute "Black Ptera" with "Cannon Soldier"/"Mass driver". Keep Summoning/Tributing it to whittle down your opponent's LP, and then Tribute "Cannon Soldier" to finish them off.
    • Try summoning "Cannon Soldier" by the effect of "Mystic Tomato" on your opponent's turn, thus allowing you to immediately summon "Black Ptera" on your turn without paying for "Ultimate Offering". Since "Ultimate Offering" needs to be set a turn beforehand, this does not disrupt the flow of the combo.
    • Note: It is possible to win with an OTK without "Mysterious Puppeteer", you just need to have more LP than your opponent (if you only use "Ultimate Offering", "Black Ptera" and "Cannon Soldier").
    • Instead of "Mysterious Puppeteer" you could use "Dark Room of Nightmare" so you can inflict 300 points of extra damage.
    • Following the principles of the combos above, using "Mysterious Puppeteer", "Ultimate Offering" and "Jurrac Tyranno", one could create a monster with infinite attack points. If an opponent would prevent "Jurrac Tyranno" from attacking, use "Destruct Potion" to gain infinite LP.
  • You can also use "Amazon Archer" to tribute two "Black Ptera" inflicting 1200 damage to your opponents LP , then use "Ultimate Offering" and pay 1000 LP and summon them from your hand because of their effect, then tribute them again in an infinite loop that will deplete your opponents LP before your own.