Card Tips:Blue Rose Dragon

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  • If this card is on the field after you Synchro Summon "Black Rose Dragon", you can use the effect of "Black Rose Dragon" without worrying about losing field advantage by using this card's effect in the Graveyard.
    • This is easy to facilitate if Red Rose Dragon was used to summon Black Rose Dragon, simply chain Red Rose Dragon's effect to the activation of Black Rose Dragon to summon this card, then activate this card once it's destroyed.
  • This card is easily summoned with the effect of "Black Garden". Normal Summon "Debris Dragon" or "Black Salvo" and Special Summon a monster with their effects while "Black Garden" is on the field. The 2 tokens summoned to your opponent's field will be enough to revive "Blue Rose Dragon" from the Graveyard. You can then Synchro "Debris Dragon" or "Black Salvo" with their revived monster to summon "Black Rose Dragon" and wipe the field and then use this card to revive "Black Rose Dragon" and attack directly for 2400.

Traditional Format[edit]