Card Tips:Ceasefire

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  • This card can also be used to protect your face-down Defense Position monsters from "Nobleman of Crossout".
  • Note that this card includes other Effect Monsters, not just Flip effects. Use this card in Decks that are adept at swarming the field with monsters, such as Zombie Decks.
  • Aside from circumventing opposing Flip effects and inflicting damage, use this card's advantage to view your opponent's face-down monsters. This also paves the way for cards that only work on face-up monsters, such as "Fissure" or "Lightning Vortex".
  • This card makes a good combo with "Swords of Concealing Light". Play it right before your opponent's Main Phase, in case they were planning on using one of their monsters' Flip effects, to psyche them out a bit and do some hefty damage.
  • Use this card against Decks that swarm (like "Six Samurai", "Blackwings", "Batterymen" and many others), so your opponent can be punished for swarming the field by inflicting damage.
  • Conversely, if your field is swarmed, use this card to damage your opponent.
  • Activate this card before using "Shield Crush", if your opponent has multiple Defense Position monsters, to be able to choose a wise target.
  • Activate this card during the End Phase of your turn, when "Book of Eclipse" was activated. This is particularly useful, because "Book of Eclipse" will be able to prevent your opponent from using the face-down monsters as Xyz Material or for Synchro Summoning. The "Ceasefire" will then stop the opponent from drawing cards for the effect of "Book of Eclipse" and will inflict significant damage to the opponent.