Card Tips:Chimaera, the Master of Beasts

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  • "Star Blast" can lower this card's Level to where you can Normal Summon it without Tributes, at the cost of 500 Life Points for each Level lost. Afterwards, "Megamorph" will double this card's original ATK to 6000.
  • This card is relatively easy to summon. Use "Rescue Cat" to Summon "Sea Koala" and "Tree Otter", and use "Ultra Polymerization" to Summon "Koalo-Koala". Afterwards, banish "Ultra Polymerization" to Special Summon "Sea Koala" and "Tree Otter" from your Graveyard, and Tribute all three monsters to summon this card.
  • After damaging your opponent heavily enough, use "Arrivalrivals" to Summon this card during the Battle Phase, and attack directly, fulfilling its Win Condition.