Card Tips:Copy Knight

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  • Using this card in a Tellarknight deck makes it easier to summon "Stellarknight Triverr", due to it's effect to copy the name of a normal summoned Warrior-Type monster.
    • You can also use it as an extra material for an XYZ summon, so that you still have a Tellarknight monster left over for "Stellarnova Alpha"s requirement.
  • The card Photonize works well with Copy Knight, as it can boost the atk points of Copy Knight to the monster that it's copying, then negate the original monster's attack, then rase the atk points of Copy Knight further with Gig-anto Brilliant on the field, creating the perfect combination.
  • This card can also work well if you swarm a field of Warrior-Type monsters and have "The A. Forces" in play.
  • Since this card is low on ATK, "Photon Booster" can change its ATK to 2000, including its copies.
  • This card can substitute for "Noble Knight Gawayn" in the 3 card Noble Knight combo. Normal summon "Noble Knight Artorigus" and activate this card. Then send the real Artorigus to the grave so you can summon Laundsallyn and tribute this card for Laundsallyn's effect.
  • Activate this card when "U.A. Midfielder" is Normal Summoned to have two "U.A." monsters on the field. As this card can be returned to the hand to activate the Special Summon of an U.A. monster, its effect can be recycled indefinitly.