Card Tips:Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar

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  • You can use this card's first effect to circumvent the drawbacks of cards like "Ancient Forest", "Gravity Bind" and "Chain Energy", among many others, and give them de facto one-sided effects.
  • This card combos well with ""A" Cell Incubator": Incubator instantly regenerates the A-Counters removed for "Gol'gar's" destruction effect.
    • Combine this with "Code A Ancient Ruins" and you will be able to Special Summon "Alien"s from your Graveyard multiple times per turn.
  • You can distribute the A-Counters generated by this card even among your own monsters. This tactic is particularly useful for replenishing the A-Counters on monsters you stole with "Brainwashing Beam" or "Alien Hypno", and for playing around Face-down monsters.
  • Don't forget that unless you have "Alien Mars" or "Alien Psychic" on the field this card should not have any problem having A-Counters on itself. This allows A-Counters to build for its own effect or for other cards like "Code A Ancient Ruins" and "Alien Overlord" while your opponent has no face-up monsters.