Card Tips:Creature Swap

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  • This card is best used when your opponent controls only one strong monster or only one monster you want to get rid of (typically an indestructible monster).
    • If your opponent controls no monsters, you can give him one with cards such as "Grinder Golem", D.D. Guide, Shien's Spy or "Foolish Revival" (if there is a monster in your opponent's graveyard).
    • If your opponent controls more than 2 monsters use monster destroying cards such as Fissure or Nobleman of Crossout to get rid of the smaller ones.
      • "Mind Control" can also be used to steal a monster you do not want and give you a monster to trade.
      • Wattpheasant's effect can remove one monster you do not want from play or allow you to get back the monster you gave.
    • Be careful not to steal an opponent's monster with an effect that either activates in the Graveyard or temporarily removes it from the field (i.e. "Stardust Dragon", "Reborn Tengu" or "Sangan"). In the former case, your opponent will still get the effect of that monster (because it activates in their Graveyard); In the latter cases, the effects resolve in the (hand, banished "zone," or) the graveyard of the owner, so you would not get to steal the effect.
  • This card is best used when you control a weak monster in Attack Position, a monster with negative effects for the controller or a monster that will disappear by the end of the turn.
    • Swap a weak indestructible monster such as "Marshmallon" in Attack Position to your opponent. Arcana Force 0 - The Fool is probably the best choice as it sports 0 attack and cannot be switched into Defense Position, essentially giving your monsters the ability to attack your opponent directly.
    • Monsters with a Flip Effect are usually weak, lose most of their utility once that effect has been used and end up in attack position when flipped.
    • This card works well with "Treeborn Frog".
    • "Volcanic Shell" combos very well with "Creature Swap" because you can use its effect from the Graveyard to pull another one from your Deck, giving you a perfect monster to trade to your opponent.
    • "Gustos" and "X-Sabers" can exploit this strategy to the fullest, due to those archetypes having a decent amount of searcher monsters.
    • "Creature Swap" can be used to activate the effects of "Griggle", "Kunoichi" and "Ameba".
    • Give your opponent a "Ra's Disciple" to prevent them from Special Summoning.
    • Use this card with "Chainsaw Insect" so when it's attacked you get to draw a card.
    • When "Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction" runs out of Xyz Materials, you can use this card to give it to your opponent. Your opponent will take 2000 damage during each of their Standby Phases, be unable to Special Summon monsters and they can't attack with "Acid Golem".
    • You can swap an "Ultimate Tyranno" while you have any combination of "Blast Sphere", "Zoma the Spirit", "Reflect Bounder", "Amazoness Swords Woman", "Fiend's Sanctuary" or any of the "Yubel" cards for tons of damage.
    • In a Mill Deck, give your opponent an Xyz Monster with this card. Once they decide to attack with it, activate "Vain Betrayer" to speed up the destruction of their Deck.
    • If you intend to give your opponent a strong monster, you should use the Equip Spell Card, "Vengeful Servant".
    • Use on "Zombie Mammoth" (Zombie decks only) or "Malevolent Mech - Goku En" if your opponent has no Zombie-Type monsters to deal heavy damage and leave them with no monsters.
    • "Creature Swap" works well with Spirit monster Decks, since at the end of the turn the Spirit monster will return to your hand, even if it's on the opponent's side of the field.
      • Use this as an opportunity to use "Legacy of Yata-Garasu". Instead of drawing one card, you would get to draw two due to the Spirit monster on your opponent's side of the field.