Card Tips:Cursed Bamboo Sword

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  • Use with the "Vylon" archetype to make maximum use of both of its effects; they are good at both searching and recycling equip spells, and "Vylon Epsilon" and "Vylon Omega" can send anything equipped to them to the Graveyard to gain additional effects.
  • For an Exodia Deck, this card can easily replace the "Broken Bamboo Sword", having an additional function of searching a "Golden Bamboo Sword" if it is sent to the Graveyard with an effect like that of "Hand Destruction".
    • In an Exodia Deck which relies on "Royal Magical Library" as a draw engine, this card can be doubly useful with its bouncing effect. With two copies of "Cursed Bamboo Sword" on the field, each turn you can use the effect of one to bounce the other (only once each turn), which can provide extra Spell Counters if the deck starts to lag.
  • Multiple copies of this card can be selected for the effect of "Magical Hats", and each will get their effects when destroyed.