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  • This card can be used to summon "Shooting Star Dragon" with the new support of "Cyberdark Claw". First, use the effect of "Cyberdark Claw" to dump "Shooting Quasar Dragon" into the Graveyard. Then, when "Cyberdark Dragon" or "Cyberdarkness Dragon" is Fusion Summoned, equip "Shooting Quasar" to it. Then when either this card is destroyed or "Cyberdarkness Dragon's" effect would be used, "Quasar's" effect activates, Special Summoning "Shooting Star Dragon".
  • Use "Future Fusion" to send the 3 required "Cyberdark" monsters to the Graveyard, then use "Cyberdark Impact!" to return them to the Deck instantly, allowing you to have a powerful "Cyberdark Dragon" in that turn, and if that one is destroyed, you'll have another one within two turns.
  • Use "Future Fusion" to send 3 copies of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to the Graveyard, then Fusion Summon "Cyberdark Dragon" with "Cyberdark Impact!" and equip it with a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from the Graveyard to get 4000 ATK plus 100 for each remaining "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in your Graveyard. Plus, you can later get a "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" from "Future Fusion".
  • While having all 3 "Cyberdarks" in the Graveyard, Normal Summon "Black Salvo" and Special Summon one of them and Synchro for "Black Rose Dragon". Use its effect, clearing the field. Then, use "Cyberdark Impact!" to Summon "Cyberdark Dragon", equip "Black Rose Dragon" and attack for 3500 damage.
  • If enough turns pass, "Dragon Mastery" could allow up to four Dragunity Dragon cards equipped to a monster like "Cyberdark Dragon" to have a power bonus of 500 ATK, and could share up to four different Dragunity abilites whose Monster Effect activates while equipped.
    • If "Dragunity Pilum" (1400 ATK) is equipped to "Cyberdark Dragon" by its effect (1400 + 1000 = 2400), and it equips "Dragunity Brandistock" and two other Dragunity Dragon types through "Dragon Mastery" (1400 + 1000 + 500 = 2900), "Cyberdark Dragon" will have the ability to attack directly to deal full ATK damage (2900 = 1450 x 2 attacks).
    • Consider using this card with "Dragunity Corsesca" to gain the ability to search out level 4 or lower DARK Machine-Type monsters every time you destroy a monster with "Cyberdark Dragon".
    • Equip "Dragunity Aklys" to this card, so if "Cyberdark Dragon" would be destroyed, "Aklys" is destroyed instead. Then, with its effect, you can destroy one card opponent controls.
  • Use "Gale Dogra" to send "Five-Headed Dragon" or "Dragon Master Knight" to the Graveyard, then summon your "Cyberdark Dragon" and equip it with the monster "Gale Dogra" sent to the Graveyard. Your "Cyberdark Dragon"'s ATK will be ridiculously high.