Card Tips:D.D. Jet Iron

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  • If this card is in your Graveyard, you can use "Phantom of Chaos" to use its second effect, without even having to summon it first. This can be especially helpful to swarm the field, or summon another "D.D. Jet Iron" in a pinch.
  • Note that this monster CAN be special summoned from the graveyard after tributing it for its effects. Resurrecting this monster in this way affords you a full field of: 1 level 4 Beast-Warrior with 1600 ATK, 1 Level 6 Winged-Beast with 2800 ATK when attacking, 1 Level 8 Rock-Type that can enable another monster you control to attack directly, a level 10 Warrior with 3000 ATK that protects all the others, and this monster with 4000 ATK and an effect that can resurrect all of the others if anything goes wrong.
    • Still, this monster alone is actually weaker than the sum total of its "components" and should probably be limited to one to a deck.