Card Tips:D.D. Scout Plane

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  • Unlike "D.D. Survivor", this card does not need to be face-up on the field to be revived, making it slightly more versatile.
  • Combine this monster with "D.D. Trap Hole". Your opponent will lose a monster but this monster will return to your side of the field at the End Phase.
  • Combine this monster with "Tribe-Shocking Virus" to get both the destruction and the Special Summon.
  • "D.D. Scout Plane" works well with "Inferno Tempest" in a humorous, if not playable, setup. This could potentially give you a huge advantage if you are then able to remove their remaining monsters from the field.
  • Select this card for the effect of "Gold Sarcophagus" so you can Summon it during your End Phase.
  • This card works well with "Dark Armed Dragon". Having three in your grave, you can Special Summon "Dark Armed Dragon", use his effect that banishes "D.D. Scout Plane", then Summon all of them to the field.
  • If one or more "D.D. Scout Plane(s)" are in your graveyard you can use "Skull Lair" to banish and Summon them during the End Phase while also destroying at least a 1-3 star monster. Also this may allow slight feild control with the power to do this during your next turn if the monsters are sent to the graveyard before your next turn.

Traditional Format[edit]