Card Tips:Dark Eruption

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  • You can use this to retrieve any "Forbidden One" monster - especially after they have been sent to the Graveyard due to "Armageddon Knight's" effect - and can be further used with "Armageddon Knight" himself.
  • Use this card to revive "Mystic Tomato" so you can reuse its effect.
  • Use this card with "D.D. Crow" to recycle it for another use.
  • You can use this card to return "Yubel" to your hand if you are afraid that your opponent may remove it from play.
  • Other possible cards to revive include:
"Apprentice Magician"
"Blast Sphere"
"Cyber Jar"
"Destiny Hero - Defender"
"Familiar Knight"
"Gravekeeper's Spy"
"Jester Confit"
"Lord of D."
"Legendary Fiend"
"Snipe Hunter"
"Spirit Reaper"
"Summoner Monk"
"Chaos Necromancer"
"Great Maju Garzett"
"Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca"
"Witch of the Black Forest"
  • If you run a Destiny Hero in your Deck, this card should be greatly useful, or yet you should use this card to fuel your draw beyond Destiny Draw.
  • Also, with the strategy mentioned above, you can use this card with "Prometheus, King of the Shadows". You don't need to worry if "Prometheus" is dumped early to the Graveyard, as you can recover it when you need it thanks to "Dark Eruption", making possible even an OTK in late game.
  • This card is also useful in a Cyberdark deck, because it can return any fallen Cyberdark monster from the Graveyard to your hand.