Card Tips:Dark Red Enchanter

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  • "Spell Power Grasp" can be used to give this card 2 quick Spell Counters, which can give Dark Red Enchanter an ATK boost and is ideal for fuelling her discard effect.
  • Use "Magical Dimension" to summon this card easily, though she wont get her spell counters.
    • To lessen this drawback, summon her in defense position to have a 2200 wall only 100 points below what her attack would be if she were normal summoned.
  • First, use "Soul Release" to banish any monsters in your opponent's graveyard, then you can summon "Gilasaurus" with its effect without giving your opponent any field advantage. Then, since its effect makes it a special summon, tribute it to summon "Dark Red Enchanter" quick and easy in one turn.
  • Activate quick spells during the battle phase (i.e. Mystical Space Typhoon) to increase the ATK of this monster and win the battle (the quick spell itself does not need to have an ATK increasing effect). During your own battle step you can also reveal a Pitch-Black Power Stone and shift one of its counters to this monster to increase its ATK. This srategy can be used as well after summoning this card during battle phase with Magician's Circle. After the battle phase use the gained counters to activate the effect of this card.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • Use this card with Giant Trunade.
    • You get a spell counter. (=> +300 ATK)
    • Your opponents backrow is blown away => safe attack
    • Your opponents backrow is given to his hand which you can reduce with the effect of this monster.
    • You can use again another spell card you might have had on the field already to further increase the number of spell counters on this monster.