Card Tips:Deep Diver

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  • This card can also be used to get the pieces of Exodia on top of your deck.
  • This card can be a good combination with "Destiny HERO - Dasher". If you have Dasher in your graveyard, when you draw the card that you put on top of your deck with "Deep Diver's" effect, you can Special Summon it with "Dasher's" effect. One thing though, you can't use a Nomi or a Special Summon-only monster and you must draw the monster during your draw phase.
  • This card can be helpful in setting up a situation where you can easily summon a Nomi monster that would otherwise be quite hard to summon, such as "Armed Dragon LV10"; once you have "Armed Dragon LV7" on the field, simply let Deep Diver be destroyed or destroy it yourself to add "Armed Dragon LV10" to the top of your deck, and either activate a card to draw or simply wait until your next Draw Phase to get it to the top of your deck for an immediate Special Summon.
  • If you want to add a monster from your Deck immediately, use "Reckless Greed" after using "Deep Diver" to draw the desired card, although you won't need to draw anymore.
  • Basically use this card on any monster that can't be searched via any other card.
  • You can use this to place an "Infernity Archfiend" on top of your Deck, when you're playing Infernity Deck.
  • In an Empty Jar Deck, use it to search your "Morphing Jar", so you can set it from your hand instead of having it hit the field (like you would with "Giant Rat") and risk it being destroyed in battle or in Main Phase 2 with a card effect.
  • "Deep Diver" can be used to search out a monster card in your deck when it is destroyed. if you have a "Pot of Duality" in hand, you can use that to get your selected monster immediately.

Traditional Format[edit]