Card Tips:Des Dendle

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  • Provided your opponent consistently Summons weak enough monsters to their field, "Vampiric Orchis" can keep destroying their monsters to Summon a "Wicked Plant Token" each turn, which can be used to maintain "Yubel" on the field, be Tributed for "Ectoplasmer" instead of 1 of your stronger monsters, etc.
  • In a "Sunavalon"/"Sunvine" Deck, the "Wicked Plant Tokens" would prove very useful. All (current) "Sunvine" Link Monsters only require 1 Plant-Type Normal Monster as material, and "Wicked Plant Tokens" are treated as Normal Monsters. While some "Sunavalan" Link Monsters require a Link Monster as material, most do not require only Link Monsters, such that "Wicked Plant Tokens", or "Vampiric Orchis" or this unequipped and Special Summoned card, could be used as material.

Traditional Format[edit]