Card Tips:Despair from the Dark

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  • This is a great counter for "Vampire Lord" or "Vampire Lady". If you have this card in your deck, your opponent will be less inclined to calling Monster. If they still call monster, you get a free 2800 beatstick.
  • If you're using a zombie deck, and this card was removed from the field,you can use "A Deal with Dark Ruler" to special summon "Berserk Dragon" to take its place for a powerful combo.
  • This card is a great side deck choice against X-Sabers, considering they tend to use hand control against their opponent.
  • This could be added to a "Fabled" deck and be brought out with the help of the effect of "Fabled Dianaira".
  • This card is great to beat "Wind-Up Hunter" Loop Decks. They send this card from your hand to grave, summon it in Attack Position with its 2800 ATK or in Defense Position with its enormous 3000 DEF.
  • You can special summon this card with "Call of the Mummy" if you have no other monsters, while keeping your normal summon available.

Traditional Format[edit]