Card Tips:Destiny HERO - Malicious

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  • In certain Decks, this card is useful for enabling high-Level Synchro Summons and Rank 6 Xyz Summons.
  • "Pot of Acquisitiveness" is useful for making banished copies of this card re-usable, since this card can easily use its own effect at any time.
  • This card combos fantastically with "Plaguespreader Zombie". Since Plaguespreader is also a DARK monster, it can be sent to the graveyard in many of the same ways that this card can. In addition, if you draw an unwanted copy of this card in your hand, you can use Plaguespreader to put in back on top of your deck, then use this card to summon it from the deck. This makes these two cards very useful as materials for summoning Level 8 Synchro Monsters.

Traditional Format[edit]