Card Tips:Destruct Potion

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  • Destroy "Doomsday Horror" with this card, putting all banished DARK monsters back in the Graveyards. This can also lead to you gaining an enormous amount of LP.
  • On your Draw Phase, you can destroy the "Lava Golem" that your opponent gave you with this card's effect, also causing you to gain 3000 LP.
  • Use this card to destroy an "/Assault Mode" monster and summon its original form. Then you can activate another "Assault Mode Activate" and re-summon another copy of the "/Assault Form" monster for extra battle damage.
  • Since "Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis" inflicts 800 damage to your opponent when it is Destroyed and to the grave, use "Destruct Potion" to gain "Lifepoints" while also inflicting 800 damage to the opponent.
    • Note that since "Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis" is destroyed after Damage calculation when it attacks (without starting a chain to which "Destruct Potion" could respond), "Potion" is more useful when you opponent attempts to attack it or after its own effect Special Summons it from the "Graveyard".
  • Use this card with "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" or "Fire King High Avatar Garunix," preferably at the end of your opponent's turn, to gain life points, then wipe the board on the next turn.
    • By extension, this tactic makes it a viable choice in "Fire King" decks as a whole, as all of its members react well with destruction effects. While the extra life points don't directly aid the strategy, they can help the player buy time to set up more complex combos.
  • You can destroy a "Crystal Beast" while it is equipped with "Crystal Release", and then put 2 "Crystal Beast" monsters in your Spell & Trap Card Zone.
  • Use this on one of your Gemini monsters that has "Supervise" equipped to it. When "Supervise" is sent to the Graveyard, you can summon it back, or a stronger one.
    • This is a decent tactic for reusing "Dark Valkyria's" normally one-shot effect.
    • Do this during your own Battle Phase after your monster attacks for an extra attack.
      • If you use this tactic on a "Chthonian Emperor Dragon" with a "Gemini Booster" equipped to it, not only will you gain 3100 life, but "Gemini Booster" will activate in the Graveyard and grant the re-summoned "Chthonian Emperor Dragon" its Gemini ability to attack twice per turn.
  • Use this card in a "B.E.S." deck that's about to be removed from the field without being destroyed, to still be able to Special Summon with "Boss Rush" during the End Phase.
  • As this card both destroys your monster and recovers Life Points simultaneously, it works well as a means to Special Summon any of the "Meklord Emperors" from your hand.
    • Ideally, sacrifice a monster with a high Attack (such as a "Meklord Emperor") to summon "Meklord Emperor Granel ∞". Since its ATK is equal to half your Life Points "Granel" will gain ATK equal to half that of the destroyed target.
    • If you are relying on "Meklord Emperor Skiel ∞" or "Meklord Emperor Wisel ∞," this card is still useful for getting around their attack-restricting effects. Activate this card during the battle phase to blow up a "Meklord Emperor" that already attacked to let the rest of your monsters attack (or replace it with a new "Emperor" for additional damage).
  • Use this card on a face-up Beast-type monster you control, while you have a "Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest" in your hand or your Graveyard, so you will gain Life Points and Special Summon the "Green Baboon" at a reduced cost.
  • You can use this card to bring out the higher forms of "Yubel" (note that you won't gain any LP).