Card Tips:Divine Dragon Apocralyph

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  • Recycle "Dark Armed Dragon" if you have 3 DARK monsters in your Graveyard (not including "Dark Armed Dragon")
  • You can create a loop revolving around this card, "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" and "Light and Darkness Dragon". When "Light and Darkness Dragon" is sent to the Graveyard, Special Summon "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" via its effect, then Special Summon this card via "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's" effect. Then discard a card and take "Light and Darkness" from your Graveyard, and Tribute "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" and this card to Tribute Summon "Light and Darkness" and repeat the loop.
    • Previously, this combo used to be viable with "Genesis Dragon", however "Apocralyph" can make this combo more usable, since "Genesis Dragon" is not only quite hard to Summon (it is Level 6), but also has specific cost (must discard a Dragon-type).
  • This card possesses great synergy with "Foolish Burial", and any card that sends dragons to the Graveyard. It can quickly turn any dead draw into a useful dragon.
  • Use this card to recycle a Dragon-Type Pendulum monster that has been sent to your Graveyard, so you can have the chance to use that card again.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • This card can work with a number of combos for "Super Rejuvenation".
    • If you discard a Dragon-type monster for this card's effect, it will accumulate for "Rejuvenation", something that is impossible with this card's stronger counterpart "Genesis Dragon".
    • Return a Level 8 Dragon to use "Trade-In".
    • Return a Dragon-type Tuner for the cost of "Cards of Consonance".
  • Summon "Apocralyph", and play "Future Fusion"; dump "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon", "Delta Flyer", another "Apocralyph", and any other two Dragons you wish. Then use your "Apocralyph" on the field to get your "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" out. Then, each turn, special summon the second "Apocralpyh", use its effect to get "Delta Flyer", and Normal Summon it. This allows you to get out a level 7-8 Synchro monster each turn for the cost of a single card (the best monster to Synchro Summon with this combo is "Dark End Dragon").