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  • This card works great with "Trade-In" since its level 8 and it can use its effect from the graveyard.
  • You can also send this card easily to the graveyard with cards like "Foolish Burial" so you can use its effect.
  • Remember that the choices for this card's effect are not limited to Dragunity dragons. This card can pick any dragon monster to equip to it, such as "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon", and would Special Summon it when destroyed by an opposing card effect.
    • With this combo you can easily keep "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" on the field. You can Special Summon it using "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" or when it's summoned, equip it with "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" so that when it's destroyed you can summon out "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" again and use its effect to summon "Leyvaten".
  • Another note to this card's versatility with this card and non-Dragunities that the monster you banish to Special Summon this card does not have to be a Dragunity Winged-Beast, or even a Dragunity itself at all. Any monster equipped with a "Dragunity" is applicable, such as a Cyberdark. Even more so, any monster in the game can be equipped with a Dragunity with "Dragon Mastery" and then banished to Special Summon this card, such as "D.D. Survivor".
  • You can make a loop with this card and "Light and Darkness Dragon". When you summon this card, equip "Light and Darkness Dragon" to it. Whenever this card is destroyed, your field will be cleared by the effect of "Light and Darkness Dragon". Then, use "Light and Darkness Dragon's" other effect to Special Summon "Leyvaten" from your graveyard, re-equip "Light and Darkness Dragon" to it, and repeat. The only weakness in this loop is cards that can banished the two monsters, or send them back to the hand or deck. (This loop can be done because equipping a monster is not the same as Special Summoning it.)
    • In the case that "Light and Darkness Dragon" is destroyed first while equipped to this card, you can have it target a second "Leyvaten" in your Graveyard and Special Summon it to continue the loop.
    • Use "Advance Draw" when you've started this loop to draw 2 for free, since "Light and Darkness Dragon's" effect resolves in the graveyard after you draw the 2 cards, you are not "Missing the Timing" when "Leyvaten" is Special Summoned.
    • If "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" is destroyed in battle by a monster with higher ATK, Special Summoning it in defense position each time it is destroyed can prevent further battle damage to your life points.
    • In general, this combo works well with any card that requires you to tribute a monster as a cost, since by tributing "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten", "Light and Darkness Dragon" will be destroyed by Game Mechanics and its effect will activate in the graveyard after the resolution of the previous card or chain, allowing you to revive "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" and re-equip "Light and Darkness Dragon".
      • Do NOT tribute "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" for the Tribute Summon of a high-level monster (unless for a monster like "Vampire Dragon"), because the newly-summoned monster will be immediately destroyed by "Light and Darkness Dragon's" effect, causing you to waste your Normal Summon for the turn.
      • Examples of cards that work well with this combo include "Advance Draw", "Burst Breath", "Enemy Controller", "Horn of Heaven", "Mind Trust", "Mystik Wok" and "Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi".
      • You can use these cards to purposely trigger "Light and Darkness Dragon's" effect for any reason, such as to Special Summon a "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" from your graveyard which can then revive your "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten", all while gaining the benefit of the spell or trap card. You can also achieve this by Synchro Summoning "Black Rose Dragon" and activating its effect, which would leave your opponent wide open to 5400 points of direct damage.
        • If you then activate "Mystik Wok" from your hand and tribute "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten", "Light and Darkness Dragon" can Special Summon it back to the field. The newly summoned "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" can then attack your opponent for another 2600 damage, bringing the total to 8000 for a possible OTK.
        • You could use "Dark Hole" in place of "Black Rose Dragon". However, your opponent's set Spell & Trap Cards will remain while your own are destroyed by "Light and Darkness Dragon's" effect, so take caution if you use this method.
        • "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" could be added into the mix to resolve the issue with "Dark Hole" though this would mean you must have another Leyvaten in the grave and probably minimize trap use even more.
        • Beware of "Effect Veiler", as it can break the loop by preventing "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" from equipping "Light and Darkness Dragon". This can only occur when "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" is summoned during your own Main Phase- take caution when activating the loop during this phase.
      • You can also use these cards to prevent the loop from being broken, either from an effect that would directly destroy "Light and Darkness Dragon" or would cause either card to be banish or returned to the hand or deck, by using one of these cards in a chain and tributing "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" for its cost. This is a near-surefire way to save the loop, since the cost of activating these cards triggers the loop which resolves after the resolution of the previous chain.
        • This cannot stop "Effect Veiler" however, as "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" must be equipped with "Light and Darkness Dragon" for this to work.
      • You can also use these cards to change "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten's" battle position outside of your own main phase, by activating one of these cards in a chain or in response to a summon or battle, tributing "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" for its cost, and Special Summoning it back in the opposite battle position.
      • You can also use these cards to allow "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" to attack multiple times in one turn by activating one of these cards during your Battle Phase after "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" has attacked, tributing "Leyvaten" for its cost, then Special Summoning it back to the field in attack position through "Light and Darkness Dragon's" effect. The newly-Special Summoned Leyvaten will be able to attack this turn. Do this only after all of your monsters have attacked, as they will be destroyed by "Light and Darkness Dragon's" effect.
      • Use "Nightmare Archfiends" and "Burst Breath" while this card is equipped with "Light and Darkness Dragon" to deal huge amounts of damage to your opponent. First, Tribute this card for "Nightmare Archfiends" and bring it back again with "Light and Darkness Dragon" then, on your next turn, or even during your opponent's turn, Tribute it for "Burst Breath" (as if you have both "Nightmare Archfiends" and "Burst Breath" set on your side of the field, "Light and Darkness Dragon" will destroy them both). Not only will this destroy all "Nightmare Archfiend" tokens, but will deal a hefty 2400 damage to your opponent, and also will probably wipe out any other monsters they have face up. This also works with "Ojama Trio".
      • Use "Dragon Mastery" to equip this card to "Dragunity Militum", Special Summon it using the effect of "Militum" and equip it with any dragon type monster in your graveyard such as "Light and Darkness Dragon" so you don't have to banish any of your monster to Special Summon this card.
      • A slower, but safer version of this loop can be achieved by substituting "Light and Darkness Dragon" with "Arkbrave Dragon".
  • This card works well with "Felgrand Dragon". Use "Foolish Burial" or other cards that can send "Felgrand" to the Graveyard, then Normal or Special Summon this card to equip "Felgrand" to it. Once this card is destroyed by a card effect, Special Summon "Felgrand", as it was sent from the field to the Graveyard, for a sizeable power boost.