Card Tips:Drastic Drop Off

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  • Be very wary of using this card against decks that like to discard cards, like Fabled and especially Dark World decks, as you will unleash all of their potential.
  • When using this card, also be wary of missing the timing. This card cannot be activated in response to effects that cause your opponent to draw, then do something else, such as "Allure of Darkness" or "Sylvan Charity".
  • Since this card is easy to activate, it works very well in a Counter Fairy deck. You can combine it with "Bountiful Artemis" to maintain hand advantage, for example.
  • You can activate this card after using "Dark Bribe", "Recall" or "Grand Horn of Heaven" to discard the card your opponent drew, so you can negate their play without giving them any advantage.