Card Tips:Dueltaining

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  • With "Appropriate", you will draw 2 cards no matter which player meets one of the conditions.
  • This card's third condition (activating a card or effect as Chain Link 5 or higher) can be easily met in "Paleozoic" and Chain Burn Decks.
  • This card's fourth condition (rolling 1 six-sided die, or tossing a coin, 5 times) can be easily met by using cards that conduct multiple coin tosses or die rolls in a single use of their effects, such as "Gambler of Legend", "Sand Gambler", the 'Gun Dragon' monsters, "Number 7: Lucky Straight", or "Fire Darts".
    • "Second Coin Toss" is very helpful in this regard, which simultaneously improves one's chances with successful coin tosses and hastens this condition's requirement.
    • Alternatively, the effect of "Snipe Hunter" can be used up to 5 times in a single turn, assuming there is a sufficient number of discards and targets.
    • This condition can also be met in a "Neos" Deck by the effect of "Elemental HERO Chaos Neos".
    • The cumulative effects of cards like "Fairy Box", "Lucky Punch", and "Prepare to Strike Back" can help achieve this condition during the opponent's turn. For better or for worse however, this can instead possibly dissuade the opponent from attacking.
      • Since all of these above mentioned cards have an effect that activates upon the opponent's monster declaring an attack, it can be possible to achieve this card's third condition as well, if there are enough card effects to activate.
  • This card's fifth condition (taking damage to result in 500 LP or lower as a result) is more easily met in Decks that rely on paying/losing LP, such as certain Psychic Decks (including "Kozmo" Decks) and Decks reliant on "Hope for Escape". However, the player must still take damage from another source in order to meet this condition.
    • "Clashing Souls" and "Wall of Revealing Light" are easy ways of drastically reducing one's own LP.
    • It is best to use LP-recovery effects after achieving this condition, both for safety and for a possible chance at achieving this condition again.
    • "Destruction of Destiny" can be a risky way of meeting this condition, while setting up one's Graveyard at the same time.

Traditional Format[edit]