Card Tips:Exodia Necross

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  • Reveal "Quintet Magician" using "Future Fusion" to send all five "Forbidden One" monsters to the Graveyard so that you can activate "Contract with Exodia".
  • "Exodia Necross" can still be destroyed by monster effect, so use cards such as "Divine Wrath" and "Dark Illusion" to protect it.
  • Place this card in a regular Exodia Deck; if your opponent tries to disrupt your strategy by sending your "Forbidden One" cards to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon this monster as a backup plan.
  • If you use "Safe Zone" on "Exodia Necross", it cannot be targeted or destroyed by your opponent's card effects. Even if "Safe Zone" is destroyed, "Necross" will not be destroyed by its effect.
  • "Obliterate!!!" can quickly fill up your Graveyard with the five "Forbidden One" cards needed for this card's Special Summon.
  • "Legendary Fiend" has a similar ATK-increasing effect without the restrictive Summoning condition and Graveyard requirement, but lacks the protection from destruction by battle and Spell/Trap effects.

Counter Tips[edit]

  • "Exodia Necross" can be destroyed by removing the "Exodia" pieces from the Graveyard (with cards such as "Soul Release", "D.D. Crow", "Disappear" and "Soul Demolition") or switching control of "Exodia Necross" (with cards such as "Creature Swap") so that its controller does not have the "Forbidden One" monsters in their Graveyard.

Traditional Format[edit]