Card Tips:Forbidden Chalice

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  • Use this card on your opponent's "Shooting Star Dragon" when they move to attack your "Sun Dragon Inti". Because the negation effect of "Shooting Star Dragon" could not activate, the destruction effect of "Sun Dragon Inti would" destroy "Shooting Star Dragon" when targeted, and inflict at least 1650 points of damage to your opponent.
  • This card is best used with monsters you control with negative effects, specifically those with effects that affect them during battle, such as "Panther Warrior" (would negate his need to sacrifice a monster to attack), "Chainsaw Insect" (would negate the effect of drawing), or "Goblin Attack Force" (would negate its mode-switching effect after it attacks).
  • This card can also severely cut down the attack of an "Evil HERO Dark Gaia" since it needs its effects to maintain its ATK. This will make its new ATK become 400.
  • You can target a "Gladiator Beast" monster to prevent it from getting its effect. "Forbidden Chalice" will also negate the tagging-out effect, although the the effect of "Gladiator Beast" may still be activated (so that the "Gladiator Beast" monster is meaninglessly returned to the Deck).
  • This card works well against continuous effect monsters like "Jinzo" which will give you a turn to activate a Trap(s).
  • This card can be used to break an attack lock made by two monsters who protect each other, such as "Marauding Captain" or "Command Knight". Negate the effect of one of the monsters and attack the other, as it will no longer be protected.
  • Use this card in a "Fairy" Deck. During your turn, negate the effect of "Archlord Kristya" so that you can Special Summon monsters. Because while "Kristya" is on the field, it's likely your opponent will have avoided setting anything up that would allow him to Special Summon during your turn. Meanwhile, you have cards like "Athena" and "Soul of Purity and Light" to build up a bigger field, and the ATK of "Kristya" becomes a massive 3200 - Enough to destroy just about anything that would have gotten past the Special Summon lock of "Kristya".
    • This card can even be used against "Archlord Kristya", opening a window for your Special Summons for a turn.