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  • Using "Future Visions", "Compulsory Evacuation Device" and "Fortune Lady Light", it is possible to Special Summon 3 Fortune Ladies in just two of your turns. First activate "Future Visions", Summon "Fortune Lady Light" and use her effect to Summon the first Fortune Lady. Then set "Compulsory Evacuation Device" and end your turn. During your next Standby Phase, the banished "Fortune Lady Light" will return to the field, so use "Compulsory Evacuation Device" to return "Fortune Lady Light" to your hand. Use her effect to get the second Fortune Lady, then Summon the same "Fortune Lady Light" you put back in your hand and use her effect to Summon a third Fortune Lady.
  • Summon this card, then activate "Torrential Tribute" or "Dark Hole". This will clear the field of monsters and also allow you to Special Summon a monster.
  • Summon this card while "Macro Cosmos" is active and then chain "Grand Convergence" to inflict 300LP of damage to your opponent, clear the field of monsters and also allow you to Special Summon a Fortune Lady monster from your deck.
    • This strategy also sets you up well for using "Fortune's Future" to retrieve Fortune Lady monsters back to your graveyard and also draw 2 cards at the same time.
  • Use "Red Ogre" to activate this card's effect while at the same time clear up your opponent's field.
  • Use this card in conjunction with "Future Visions" and "Fortune's Future" for extra draw power. Play "Future Visions", then summon "Fortune Lady Light". When she is banished, you can use her effect to Special Summon another Fortune Lady (such as "Fortune Lady Dark" for Special Summoning power, or "Fortune Lady Fire" to destroy an opponent's monster, or "Fortune Lady Water" if you have another Fortune Lady on the field to draw two more cards). Then use "Fortune's Future" to return "Fortune Lady Light" to your Graveyard and draw an additional two cards.
  • If "Fortune Lady Light" is destroyed by the effect of "Garlandolf, King of Destruction", then its effect will not miss the timing and it will activate for its search and special summon effect, which is a great counter play if you summon "Fortune Lady Fire" to destroy "Garlandolf, King of Destruction".
  • Tribute another Spellcaster to Special Summon "Fortune Lady Light", and use "Magical Dimension's" effect to destroy "Fortune Lady Light" to Special Summon another "Fortune Lady" Monster from your deck.

Traditional Format[edit]