Card Tips:Fragment Fusion

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  • Fusion Summon "Gem-Knight Topaz", then banish its materials for "Gem-Knight Zirconia". Normal Summon a monster with 1500 or more ATK and attack directly for (2 × 1800) + 2900 + 1500 = 8000.
  • Use this card to Fusion Summon "Gem-Knight Zirconia", then activate "Release from Stone" to Special Summon the Rock-Type monster used for the Fusion Summon.
  • During your opponent's End Phase, you can activate this card, and Fusion Summon either "Gem-Knight Aquamarine" or "Gem-Knight Amethyst", and it will get destroyed, but you can return either all your opponent's Set Spell and Traps with "Amethyst", or return a card with "Aquamarine".
  • Should you get the chance, activate "Paradox Fusion" to banish the Fusion Monster so that it may come back on a turn when it's safe to wait for the End phase without being destroyed.