Card Tips:Full House

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  • The easiest way to activate this card is to let your opponent Set 3 cards, then activate 2 of your own in a Chain, and then activate this card.
  • This card is a relatve theat against Pendulum-based deck, as there would be 2 face-up card in Pendulum Zones and possibly up to 3 face-down cards.
  • Cards on your field that can't be destroyed can be targeted to use this card without losing other resources.
    • Alternatively, destroy cards that recover your resource.
  • This card can be activated to destroy a Synchro Monster(s) equipped to a "Meklord Emperor" monster controlled by your opponent and destroy 3 Set cards.
  • In an "Exodia OTK" Deck, this card can be activated in chain to 3 "Good Goblin Housekeeping" to destroy 2 "Good Goblin Housekeeping" and 3 Set cards controlled by your opponent, and finally 9 cards are drawn and return only 3.
  • Use this card in conjunction with cards that have effects when destroyed to both ease this card's activation and gain their effects.
  • This card can be very powerful against Gravekeeper's, particularly if they set their whole hand to prevent yourself from seeing it with "Royal Tribute".
  • This card works well with "Temple of the Kings."
    • If you opponent tries to use cards like "Mystical Space Typhoon" or simply responding to one of your own Spell/Trap Cards, then this card can respond.
    • If there no other face-up Spell/Trap Cards, then this card can simply target their "Mystical Space Typhoon" and "Temple of the King" to meet the face-up requirements.
    • Since the first effect of "Temple of the Kings" might be used with this card, that card might not be needed and a lot of your opponent's Set Spell/Trap Cards will still be destroyed.