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  • This card has numerous ways, when combined with Chain Material, to create an OTK:
    • This card can be used with Chain Material and Catapult Turtle or Cannon Soldier for an OTK by continuously Fusion Summoning monsters and Tributing them.
      • If you tribute Electrum, you can bring out another by using the tributed Electrum and The Shining to bring out a second Shining, then send the banished Fusions back to the extra deck by bringing out a second Electrum.
    • There are 2 potential OTKs with this duo in an Elemental HERO deck:
  • A useful tip is to add Elemental HERO Neos and Rainbow Dragon to your deck for Rainbow Neos, which can get rid of your opponent's spell and trap cards.
    • Alternatively, you can opt to only play 2 "Gem-Knight Ruby"s with "Zirconia" and just use a card like "Sparks" or "Ookazi" to inflict the last 100 damage needed. This also would enable you to pull off the combo without "Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment".

Traditional Format[edit]

  • You can combine "Fusion Gate" and "Chain Material" in a Gem-Knight deck with "Ring of Destruction" and "Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment" for an OTK. Summon 3 "Gem-Knight Rubys" and 1 "Gem-Knight Zirconia". Tribute "Zirconia" for the first "Ruby" to give it an ATK of 5400. Tribute that one for the second "Ruby", giving it 7900. Then, again, for a 10400 ATK monster. Flip "Enchantment" and "Ring" to deal over 10,000 damage to your opponent.
    • While the above combo can inflict 8000 damage plus battle damage, it might not be enough, or can be stopped if your opponent has a pesky card. Giant Trunade, Heavy Storm, or Masked HERO Acid, can help with any dangerous spell/trap cards. If you add in 2 Elemental HERO Absolute Zero, you can loop the effect damage indefinitely while clearing the opponent's field of monsters. First, summon Absolute Zero, then use him for Acid if you can, who will together get rid of your opponent's field. Then follow the loop, up to summoning Gaia. Use Gaia with Acid/Absolute Zero to bring out the second Absolute Zero (and possibly clear your opponents monsters). Then summon the third Electrum and repeat this loop with without the first Absolute Zero summoning (you already have one on the field).
  • This card is good with "Dimension Fusion".
  • Also to Fusion Sumon with "Fusion Gate", your monsters must be on the field.