Card Tips:Gem-Knight Master Diamond

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  • For a finishing move, you can Fusion Summon this card using "Particle Fusion" to fuse "Gem-Knight Zirconia", "Gem-Knight Amethyst" and one between "Gem-Knight Ruby" and "Gem-Knight Topaz". Upon leaving the field, the effect of "Gem-Knight Amethyst" activates, returing every set Spell/Trap card on the field to their owner's hand and removing possible threats. After Summoning "Master Diamond", activate the effect of "Particle Fusion", banishing itself to give the ATK of "Zirconia" to "Master Diamond" giving it 5800 ATK plus extra ATK depending how many "Gem-Knights" are in your Graveyard. Then, continue the process by absorbing one of these monsters' effect:
    • By banishing "Gem-Knight Topaz", this card can attack twice and inflict damage equal to destroyed monsters attack.
    • By banishing "Gem-Knight Ruby", you can gain ATK by Tributing monsters and inflict piercing battle damage.