Card Tips:Gem-Knight Topaz

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  • Equip this card with "Armory Arm" to inflict double the effect damage and giving it more attack.
  • Bearing in mind that this card attacking and destroying an Attack Position monster (under normal circumstances) does just as much damage as attacking directly, and that it can attack twice in a single turn, this card, especially when coupled with "Particle Fusion", provides a large number of victory conditions.
    • By using "Particle Fusion" to fuse "Gem-Knight Tourmaline" with any "Gem-Knight" that has more than 2200 ATK, the effect of "Topaz" will allow you to perform an OTK.
    • If you've already dealt more than 500 damage to your opponent, you can fuse "Gem-Knight Tourmaline" and "Gem-Knight Amethyst" with "Particle Fusion" and attempt a game-winning assault. "Amethyst" will return all set Spells/Traps to the hand when it is sent to the Graveyard, clearing away most of the ways an opponent can stop you, and "Particle Fusion" will give the 1950 ATK of "Amethyst" to "Topaz", for a total of 3750 ATK. At this point, if your opponent has two or more Attack Position monsters, each with less than 3750 ATK, (or an open field, with no "Gorz the Emissary of Darkness" or "Battle Fader" in their hand), then the battle damage and burn damage caused by attacking twice will inflict a fatal 7500.
    • If your opening hand contains "Gem-Knight Fusion", "Particle Fusion", "Gem-Knight Tourmaline" and "Gem-Knight Obsidian", you may be able to perform an FTK. First, use "Gem-Knight Fusion" to fuse "Tourmaline" with "Obsidian", Summoning "Gem-Knight Prismaura". The effect of "Obsidian" activates after entering the Graveyard, so the "Tourmaline" it was fused with is a valid target for its effect, allowing you to Summon that "Tourmaline" to the field. Finally, fusing "Tourmaline" with "Prismaura" to Summon "Topaz", by way of "Particle Fusion", will give you a monster that has 4250 ATK, attacks two times in one turn and inflicts burn damage equal to the ATK of whatever it destroys by battle. Unless your opponent has a monster in Defense Position and less than two monsters in Attack Position, or some other way to stop your attacks or reduce the damage "Topaz" deals, you can inflict a theoretical maximum of 8500 damage with one monster in one turn.