Card Tips:Gem-Knight Zirconia

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  • Although it is the only "Gem-Knight" Fusion Monster without an effect, it is arguably the easiest to Summon as Rock is the most popular Type among the "Gem-Knights".
  • This card is easily Special Summon from the Graveyard by using the second effect of "Daigusto Emeral".
  • As there are quite a few Normal and Gemini monsters among the "Gem-Knights", a "Gem-Knight" Deck may use support for non-Effect monsters. This card along with "Gem-Knight Pearl" would be the only 2 "Knights" that would benefit from this support that are stored in the Extra Deck.
  • "The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion" can easily help Summon this card. It will not be substituting for a Fusion-material monster but rather acting as the Rock-Type material required, so all you would need is a "Gem-Knight".
  • You can use "Super Polymerization", to use a Rock-Type monster from your opponent together with one of your "Gem Knights" and Fusion Summon "Zirconia".
    • Use "Super Polymerization" in your Battle Phase, after all your monsters attacked and Fusion Summon "Zirconia" for an extra attack or possible OTK.