Card Tips:Gemini Summoner

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  • This card can work well with "Damage Condenser" or "Damage Gate" if you have a "Gemini Soldier" or "Lonefire Blossom" that could be effected by those cards. If your opponent hits this attack position card with at least 2000 attack (which is pretty common) not only do you not lose your monster, but can summon out those small monsters that bring out bigger ones (in the case of "Gemini Soldier" you could even activate it during your opponent's end phase using this card's effect).
  • As it is not destroyed by battle once and is Level 4, this card makes an excellent target to be Special Summoned in defense mode by "Relieve Monster" especially since you could then bring the rescued monster back during the End Phase if it was a Gemini monster.

Traditional Format[edit]