Card Tips:Grenosaurus

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  • Discard "Skull Conductor" to Special Summon 2 copies of "Burning Skull Head" from your hand, inflicting 2000 damage to your opponent in the process; then Xyz Summon this card, destroy one of your opponent's monsters in battle, activate its effect and inflict more 1000 damage.
  • This card can be used with "Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force" to Xyz Summon "Number 61: Volcasaurus".
  • You can special summon a "Gilasaurus" and Normal summon another level 3 monster to easily Xyz summon this card, Gilasaurus' effect can provide a monster to destroy so you can activate Grenosaurus' effect.
  • Another way is to summon Achacha Archer to deal 500 damage, then use Achacha Chanbara's effect to deal 400 then xyz summon this card. From NumberAstral