Card Tips:Guardian Eatos

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  • To get the maximum out of "Guardian Eatos", keep your GY empty at all times. There are many options that can help achieve this:
  • Theoretically, it is possible to achieve an easy OTK with "Eatos". By having three copies in your hand at the start of the game, you can Special Summon all three copies without any further cost, putting 7500 ATK on the board. The missing damage can be arranged by using your still available Normal Summon or by equipping an "Eatos" with an Equip Spell.
  • "Eatos" can be played in an otherwise pure DARK deck. "Dark Armed Dragon" clears the GY to summon "Eatos" while being a powerful board clear himself, by summoning "Prometheus, King of the Shadows" and activating his effect, you can banish all DARK monsters in your graveyard, again allowing for "Eatos" to be Special Summoned.
  • This card has high synergy in "Dark Simorgh" Decks you can banish extra copies of "Eatos" in your graveyard for its effect and to set up for an "Eatos" summon.
  • This card's ATK boosting effect can be used as many times as you want, as long as your opponent has monsters in their Graveyard to be banished and you have one equip spell card equipped to "Guardian Eatos" to send to the Graveyard.
  • Equip this card with "Sword of Deep-Seated" or any other card that returns to the top of your Deck when that card is sent to the Graveyard and reuse its effect again.
    • Combine this with "Sunlight Unicorn" and "Spell Absorption" to add the Equip Spell Card that was returned on top of your Deck and gain or regain the cost of Life Points at the same time.
    • Alternatively, you can use "Spirit Burner", which remains in the graveyard until your next Draw Phase and gives you the option of retrieving it instead of conducting your normal draw. "Spirit Burner's" effect can also be used whenever it is in the Graveyard during the Draw Phase, so it can be reused even after your first "Eatos" is destroyed.
  • This card can be very effective against Lightsworn Decks, because its effect can stall or even prevent your opponent from summoning "Judgment Dragon".