Card Tips:Hidden Spellbook

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  • This is extremely useful to get back Field Spell cards, especially if you have "Terraforming" in your deck, to prevent "Terraforming" from becoming a dead draw.
  • Use this card when you have already exhausted most of your deck, to lessen the Deck thickening drawback.
  • Use this card in the Spellcaster's Command Structure Deck to renew spells that are useful, such as "Magical Dimension".
  • Use this card in a deck that relies on Fusion Monsters, to renew spell cards that fuse cards, such as "Polymerization" or "Future Fusion".
  • Since this card can be activated during your turn only, use "Bubble Illusion" to activate it without waiting.
  • This card may be useful in a deck that uses cards like "Dimensional Fissure" and "Chaos Greed", as you can return 2 spells that didn't get removed from play to the deck, then you are able to activate "Chaos Greed".

Traditional Format[edit]