Card Tips:Ido the Supreme Magical Force

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  • This card combos very well with the trap "Hate Buster" as you can use it to avoid it from being destroyed by battle and inflict damage to your opponent.
  • Combine it with "Mist Body" so it will force your opponent to destroy it with only Card Effects.
  • Use "Creature Swap" or "Give and Take" to give this card to your opponent, so they cannot Summon monsters. They can still Set and Tribute Set monsters (They can even Tribute "Ido" for a Tribute Set), so you can add "Light of Intervention" to completely lock your opponent.
    • Use "Nightmare Wheel" to whittle down your opponents life points and keep them from attacking with it.
      • You can use the above ideas and direct attacking monsters to chip off your opponents life points and they can do little about it.
  • Take advantage of the effect of "Ido" that limits your summoning by using card like "Kaiser Colosseum" to keep one monster on your side of the field (through the effect of "Ido"), and in turn, only one monster on your opponent's side of the field because of "Kaiser Colosseum".
  • Another good combo is using this card with "Ancient Forest", because he will return after being destroyed by the effect, but your opponent's monster will be destroyed after attacking.
  • Destroy this card with "Destruct Potion" to gain life points and get "Ido the Supreme Magical Force" back.
  • You can get around its first effect by using "Forbidden Chalice" at the beginning of your turn. This allows you to give "Ido" an attack boost and summon one more monster. This will also help in case "Ido" is removed from the field and you have nothing else to protect you from an attack.

Traditional Format[edit]

  • This card can combo well with "Card of Safe Return". It helps you draw an extra card each time this card revives itself with its own effect.