Card Tips:Influence Dragon

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  • Take control of an opponent's monster with a card like "Mind Control". Then, use this card's effect to change it to the Dragon-Type. Banish the opponent's monster to Special Summon "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon".
    • Or use "A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon", if it's a Level 5 or higher monster, to return it back to your opponent's hand and destroy all Spell/Trap cards on the field. This combo works better if the monster you take control of is a Fusion or Synchro monster, so your opponent will have to Special Summon it from the Extra Deck again.
  • A high ATK monster treated as a Dragon-Type from this card can inflict Piercing damage with "Dragon's Rage".
  • Use this card for any purpose you would use "D. Tribe" for that only needs one monster to change its type.
  • Summon this after blocking a string of attacks with "Masked Dragon" to either either block 1 more attack, or quickly synchro summon upon your upcoming turn.
  • Note that this card is compatible with "Cards of Consonance," and can provide a source of draw power in decks that use any of the above combos.

Traditional Format[edit]