Card Tips:Into the Void

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  • Activate this card to draw an extra card when its activation conditions are met, then activate the effect of "Phantom Hand" to remove from play your hand, avoiding the secondary effect of this card, and retrieve your hand during your next Standby Phase.
  • Activate this card when you have two copies of "Good Goblin Housekeeping" in your hand and a third set on the field. Then, when you discard for this card's second effect, activate the set "Good Goblin Housekeeping", and regain your hand advantage.
  • You can use this card in a "Frog" FTK deck. It will give you an extra card, and, due to the fact that you will have a big chance of FTK, you probably won't be affected by its second effect during the End Phase.
  • If you're daring, this can go into a deep draw "Exodia" deck.
  • Chain to this card with "Mystical Refpanel", making your opponent draw a card, but losing his/her hand during the end phase, possibly disrupting their strategy.
  • As this card is considered a "Void" card, it could see some usage in an "Infernoid" Deck, combining draw power with setup potential—any "Infernoids" discarded by this effect can either be banished or Special Summoned via their own effects during your next turn.

Traditional Format[edit]

In a Dragon deck, you could use this card to send certain cards to your Graveyard such as "Red-Eyes Wyvern", "Totem Dragon" and "The White Stone of Legend", and use "Super Rejuvenation" to replenish your hand.