Card Tips:Jinzo - Jector

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  • Since this card is treated as "Jinzo" while in the Graveyard, it can be Special Summoned by the effect of "Jinzo - Returner".
    • Before this card self-destructs during its owner's End Phase, it should ideally Tribute itself to activate its effect.
  • Since this card is treated as "Jinzo" while on the field, it can be used for the Special Summon of "Jinzo - Lord".
    • Because this card's effect can add a "Jinzo" monster from the Deck to the hand, and possibly Special Summon it, the opponent may preemptively activate a Continuous Trap Card(s) before that effect is activated. In that case, Special Summoning "Jinzo - Lord" from the hand can take advantage of this niche situation, because of its effect that can destroy that card(s) and inflict damage to the opponent.
  • Since this card Tributes itself to activate its effect, and is a DARK Machine monster, it is an ideal target for "Black Salvo" to Special Summon.
  • This card's effect can potentially trigger the effect of "Deskbot 001", if 2 or more "Jinzo" monsters are Special Summoned.

Traditional Format[edit]