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  • If you Tribute this card to Special Summon "Cockathorium, the Superheavy Shining Soarer" via its own effect, you can use its effect to add "Garuda the Wind Spirit" from your Deck to your hand. You can then Special Summon "Garuda" from your hand by banishing this card from the GY, giving you two level 4 WIND Winged Beasts, meaning you can make a variety of Rank 4 monsters. Alternatively, if you search "Speedroid Taketomborg" instead, you can Special Summon it via its own effect, then use its effect to Tribute itself and then Special Summon a "Speedroid" Tuner from your Deck, giving you access to WIND Synchro Monsters.

Traditional Format[edit]


 Japanese namePrimary typeTypeLevelATKDEF
4-Starred Ladybug of Doomの4つほしてんとうムシEffect MonsterInsect38001200
Adamancipator Crystal - Raptite魔救の奇石アダマシア・クリスタ-ラプタイトEffect MonsterRock402200
Adhesive ExplosiveしゅんちゃくボマーEffect MonsterMachine310001000
Air Armor NinjaこうにんじゃエアーEffect MonsterWarrior414001400
AirorcaエアジャチEffect MonsterSea Serpent31400300
Al-Lumi'rajイルミラージュEffect MonsterWyrm316001000
Alchemist of Black SpellsくろりょくせいせいしゃEffect MonsterSpellcaster412001800
Alien Skullエーリアン・スカルEffect MonsterReptile416001800
The All-Seeing White TigerせきがんのホワイトタイガーNormal MonsterBeast31300500
Altergeist Pixielオルターガイスト・ピクシールEffect MonsterSpellcaster1100100
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