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  • Incredibly high DEF for it's Level, it can withstand almost any monster attack with large ATK. The big drawback would be if it were forced into Attack Position, it could be easily destroyed and you would effectively take Direct Damage.
  • If you activate "Shield & Sword", it will have 3000 ATK for one turn. By having 3 "Labyrinth Walls" in defense position and having no monsters on your opponents side of the field (you could eliminate an opponents monster with a spell/trap card or with another monster to obtain this result), you could use "Shield and Sword's" effect, switch the 3 to attack position, and attack your opponents life points directly, possibly obtaining a one turn kill.
  • Special Summon this card with Giant Rat to give you time to get the cards you need for the given situation while your opponent tries to take down your "Labyrinth Wall". This would only be effective in a situation where your opponent only has one monster on the field or the last monster on your opponent's side of the field attacked "Giant Rat", as the Special Summoned "Labyrinth Wall" must be in Attack Position.
    • Alternatively, after summoning this card with "Giant Rat", use "Zero Gravity" to change it to defense position, along with any other monsters your opponent were planning to attack with.
    • Also, "Stumbling" would cause it to be summoned in defense position.
  • "Great Spirit" can give this Monster 3000 ATK points for one turn.
  • This card is great in combination with "Canyon".
    • Combo that with "Fairy Box" to (hopefully) inflict 6000 damage.
  • You can activate "D2 Shield" to give this card 6000 DEF.

Traditional Format[edit]